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Building Stronger Rental Relationships


The Property Management App You Can Trust

About Pacto

Pacto is an Android app that simplifies the management of rental relationships between property owners and tenants across language barriers.  

With Pacto, users can communicate in Polish, Ukrainian or English and have their messages automatically translated. 

It provides a range of relationship management tools. Users can negotiate the rental agreement and finalize it with a convenient e-signature, build checklists to ensure a smooth move-in and move-out, recieve reminder notifications, report and track issues, log payments, and much more.  

By using Pacto, you can establish a successful rental relationship while reducing misunderstandings, frustrations, and conflicts. 

Pacto is an early-stage product specifically designed to aid housing organizations in their work with tenants and their landlords.

Pacto is a product of Verent Solutions, PBC.



1 / Why should I use Pacto?

Pacto is designed to help tenants and property owners have a successful relationship and to minimize misunderstandings, frustrations and conflict.


Various housing organizations sponsor peoples’ use of Pacto as part of their work to support tenants and the landlords that rent to them.


Using Pacto helps these organizations reach more people in need.

2 / Do I have to pay anything to use Pacto?

At this time, tenants and property owners can use Pacto free of charge.


Housing organizations provide their landlords and tenants with vouchers so that they can access the platform.

3 / On what devices can we use Pacto?

At this time, Pacto is only available for phones with Android operating systems.


Pacto does not currently work on Apple / iOS devices. 

4 / What languages is Pacto available in?

Pacto is currently available in Polish, Ukrainian, and English, with more languages coming soon. Within the available languages, Pacto is automatically set to your device’s language.

5 / Where is Pacto available?

Pacto is currently only active within Poland, but we are working to make it available in other countries soon. 

6 / Is my privacy protected?

Yes. Data privacy and rights are a top priority. Pacto is fully compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations. This means means that we and sponsoring organizations only have access to the information we need to provide you with the support. Please see our privacy policy.

7 / Who created the lease agreement templates within the app?

Our templates were produced in a collaboration between Pacto, the housing organizations who sponsor Pacto’s use, and Polish lawyers. We ensured that they comply with Polish law and are also fair to both parties.  As much as possible, we avoided using legal jargon so that everyone can understand what they are signing.

8 / Are e-signatures legally allowed for lease agreements in Poland?

Yes, Polish law allows many types of residential lease agreements to be signed with secure Standard Electronic Signatures. All lease templates available within Pacto signed with Standard Electronic Signatures. 


Tech Support

Pacto is an early stage product, developed to help housing organizations support tenants and their landlords. 

As with all early stage products there may be some bugs that need to be fixed. We hope you will have the patience to report those bugs so that they can be fixed as quickly as possible. 

This way, we can provide better services to more people in the future.

There are two ways to connect with our agents:



Webform: Open the purple tabs on the sides of this page! (Polish – left, Ukrainian – right)


Please describe the issue in as much detail as possible. The more information you give us, the faster we can find a solution.


If you submit a request after hours, one of our agents will get back to you as soon as possible upon their return.

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